Integration Services

We offer a diversified set of services that combine pragmatism, effectiveness and cost savings to our customers. We ensure your success with our clear integration services offering:

Opt'In Integration

Integration services

ERP / Back-Office Integration

We can develop cost effective solutions whether you have requirements for frequent or on demand data synchronization between your ERP /Back-office and your CRM system.
We deliver customized solutions, in an effort to address the unique needs of our individual customers.
We integrate solutions like:

  • SAP
  • AS 400
  • E-mail systems
  • Database
  • Flat files
  • Web services driven systems
  • Reporting systems
  • Others...

Custom Web 2.0 applications

We deliver rich web applications that allow you to streamline your integration needs with existing systems or file formats.
We use a product approach to manage your requirements with tracked releases to satisfy each customer's individuality.
We offer the following services:

  • Creation of custom applications to load manually custom data file, to insert, to update or to delete
    SCOD related data within corporate portals or Intranets
  • Creation of custom applications to generate custom documents (word, excel or PDF) or reports on the fly
  • Set up of Test and production environment
  • Complete project documentation
  • Optional maintenance subscription after warranty period on a yearly basis

Data capture

Interested in getting data from your web site or your extranet directly in your CRM system?
In this case you need to capture data from web forms, excel files, structured e-mails, etc... Opt'in offers implementation services which make the deliverables:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to modify or maintain
  • No need to recompile the source in case of changes
We support the integration with any objects that are exposed as a web services. This could apply to:
  • Lead capture
  • Contact data capture
  • Service request/Request for assitance creation
  • Opportunity capture and update
  • etc...

Integration with VOIP (Voice over IP) solutions

Interested in adding VOIP integration features in your hosted CRM system?
Thanks to strong partnerships, we can deliver solutions tailored to your needs.
You will be able to benefit from the following features:

  • Open contact details based on incoming call number
  • Trigger a phone call from a phone number displayed in your CRM application
  • Register call activities related to an account or a contact