Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

At Opt'in, we focus on the customer satisfaction by securing CRM projects implementations.
We are specialised in the implementation of Oracle CRM On Demand projects and we offer a wide variety of services in the following areas:

Opt'In Methodology

Opt'In methodology

Business Consulting

We help you in building your CRM strategy and advise you on the best implementation options.
Our main focus is to ensure that your project succeeds and fits within the planned budget and timeline.
We also assist your company in refining or extending its existing CRM strategy.

Definition and validation of business requirements

Many projects fail due to unstable detailed business requirements.
In order to avoid this pitfall, we assist you in the process of defining and refining your detailed business requirements that serve as starting point for the functional and technical specifications as well as for the solution implementation.
We help you formalize your expection and ensure that you can get the best return on investment from your CRM solution.

Project implementation

We manage the implementation of your CRM project and deliver the final solution to your teams.
The deliverables includes the project documentation and training to key people of your organization.